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A startup Music venture – dream come true

A startup Music venture – dream come true

A music company started in April 2016, by a Group. Passion for Music was there since childhood. It became strong when they realised to drive passion and create a unique identity for themselves in the field of music. Group entered the field of professional singing and would like to create their own production house. This is just an idea what they had few months back when they met us in the month of FEB. They had absolutely no clue what was required to make it successful. What is the current trend? What works and what not? What kind of investment required and what are promotional challenges. Do we need legal procedures to make it more authentic and original? What is copyright? Why it is important? Are some of the key questions were unanswered for them until they met us.

Meeting our team ………….a dream come true for them.

We understood their challenge and gave a complete insight to Music industry. What are initial startup challenge and risk one should take to build this enterprise. This engagement helped them to know the music industry well and risk associated with it. We signed once they principally agrees to the terms and service we deliver to them.

Our 3 Months initial setup and then mentor support

We helped them set up their own company meeting all the legal and compliance requirement , pay as you grow approach to promotion and marketing to build viewership.  We helped them build a complete digital media platform to expose them to the music world. Being a startup they had very limited budget to build their company.

Now team of 4 people continuously working on music album. We are working with them as a mentor and guiding force to continuous growth and accomplish their mission “Excel the world of Music”

Currently music industry in India is completely unorganised sector and it is very difficult for new entrants to survive unless you have a very strong connects. Team is really working hard to build their viewership and subscriptions and introduce their talent to the music world. Along with creating their own set of Music album, they will also promote new artistes under the same label.

Team has a very tough road ahead and but we know what works and how it should be done.

If you guys have an idea……………………. let us know and we will deliver it to full success.


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