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After Lock down, Indian businesses will bounce back with double speed. — Are you ready?

After Lock down, Indian businesses will bounce back with double speed. — Are you ready?

Many of the global business houses are ready with their  robust plan to hit back the Indian market with…. Are you ?

Did you spend enough time during this lockdown for a full proof strategy to adopt to demanding future Indian market which will bounce back with double speed.

Let me share few insights how things are changing…… A Need of the hour

McDonald contactless delivery – Is it that they were ready with such model before Covid-19 or outbreak was known to them before hand; No…. Brands like McDonald have gone through such challenges many times in their business journey. So they have a strategy for many such outbreaks to increase their speed to market ,compared to their other counterparts.

Licious- An Indian startup changed the entire ecosystem of meat supplies- A company which delivers clean and fresh meat. They have done a fabulous job from in organizing everything, from the order application process to the meat packaging and delivery. They control the entire supply chain, from the source to the consumer and provide the best products at a reasonable price.

Today most of the eateries available online – The eating behavior of the consumer has changed. They expect everything at a click of a button. They want multiple options to choose from and many food varieties without moving around in the traffic, that too right at their door step. What they got…..Quality time with family, watching their favorite movies and a great deal of fun. That means ‘restaurant model’ has evolved over a period of time. They have become more like food manufacturers and they are essentially losing their grip over the food supply chain.

There are many such examples to talk about….. What matters is how you have seen this outbreak as and what solution are you  ready with to bounce back.

PM Modi says biggest lesson from covid-19 is being self-reliant

What Covid 19 taught us:

  • Survival of the fittest……
  • Innovation and technology adoption is the only way to move ahead.
  • Be a self-reliant person as our honourable PM said.
  • Look for cost reduction opportunities and value creation.

Like an old saying ….. Old habits die hard…. Outbreak is not an excuse for not doing a business. But it is an answer to your many questions which was going in your head for many years.

Let’s work together for a common goal and hit the market with a big  BANG.

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