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Ready to sell your business? Or want to buy an existing one ?

A guided steps to successful sale or buying of small business and prepare to market and negotiate on your behalf.

We understand your industry and challenge faced by you in the current market dynamics. It is always better to exit rather continue your business “AS IS” when you know it require a different approach and you lack those in the current setup. More you wait more you lose.  This means it is time for you to exit and find the right owner who can take this business to next level.  Or it could be buying a new business to expand your portfolio and grow.

Our BUYNSELL service includes actionable advice and step by step process to prepare your business for sale or buying a new business for you as a part of growth strategy. Services are offered through a 4 step process.

  • FIND

DECIDE WHEN TO EXIT –Exit often comes in the form of selling the business, transferring ownership, or dissolving the business entirely. We will help you how to proceed.

PREPARE YOUR BUSINESS –We prepare your business for Sale or buying a new business. The preparedness of your business for sale is Business valuation and Pricing your business.

FIND A PROSPECT – We have an access to network of more than 1 Million global investors or buyers and hence finding them has become easy.

NEGOTIATE & CLOSE based on your behalf we start the negotiation process and decide on FAIR PRICE of the sale a buyer is willing to transact.

TRANSFER YOUR BUSINESS – We understand transfer agreement, financing and tax implications, terms of sale, and recommend changes wherever necessary.

We could help you develop alternative strategy to grow and explore other business models. This could be related staying in your current business with some value adds and bring in the right resource to take your business to next level. If required develop a sustainable business model or consider selling a percentage of the company to a private equity fund. It totally depends entirely on the context of what else is happening in your space, in your company, in your personal life, your energy level and time you are willing to spend.
Yes. In some case you can decide to stay and continue your service for limited period of time. In this type of deal buyer ensure a smooth transition and seek your support until he is comfortable. This would help him reduce the risk and increase the value of the company. In this case you need to determine whether it's really worth for you to spend time after a deal.
Remember confidentiality is key during the sale process. Do not share all your information at one go. We protect your confidentiality before marketing your business. All transaction or discussion with buyers is done after signing a non-disclosure agreement. Information memorandum is the first basic document which we will share to give fare insight of your business to prospective buyers.
Traditional approach would be to advertise on local media or share the information with your close associates or similar industry people. But we have made your job simple. We market your business through professionally managed online platform of local or global investors or buyers who are continuously looking out for Sale or invest in running business. We have an access to network of more than 1 Million global investors or prospective buyers and hence finding them has become easy.
Usually people wait till their business is on the decline and you should never sell during these periods for getting the best price unless you are desperate. Selling your business should be part of a strategic decision rather decide based on loss or decline or should have strong compelling reason why you want to exit. Best time to sell when you are making good money and buyers are willing to pay more. Before selling assessment of market conditions also play an important role for your industry. We understand your market and help you get relevant information. We advise to wait till market conditions improve. Check the recent yahoo story...............
Yes. It's important for business owners to appoint experts whose services will bring them through the sales process and help them get the best price for their business. This includes financial experts, Tax experts, Legal consultant and audit and compliance team. Even the buyers have a similar set of team to go over your business. We have the knowledge, experience and expertise to get you through the sale process and bring in true value for your business.
When you sell rather than liquidate your business, a buyer pays to acquire not only the physical assets of your business but also acquire the good will of your business including the worth of such intangible assets as your business name, reputation, clientele, system, and marketplace advantage. We determine your business value through business valuation methods and determine the true value where buyer is willing to transact for a given facts.    
Experts recommends at least 18 months of preparation before putting your business on the market. Make sure you have proper documents, compliance ready system and focus on maximising profit to get the best price for your business. Last minute preparations are not going to yield desired results.
It is important to know whether your business is ready for Sale and your business offer an attractive proposition for a new buyer. Unless you have an answer you can’t sell or buy a business. Sometimes this is the result of a strategic plan; other times it's due to limitations of the business model, tired of risk or time to change. Such an exit often comes in the form of selling the business, transferring ownership, or, in less fortunate cases, dissolving the business entirely.
Once you decide to sell or buy a business you have a choice to proceed immediately or wait till you improve your business and make an attractive proposition to get the maximum value. Once you agree on the option we prepare your business for Sale or buying a new business. The two important actions for preparedness of your business for sale are Business valuation and Pricing your business. Information memorandum is prepared covering all business information for buyer reference.