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“We make a living by what we get but,  We make a life by what we give”.……………..Winston Churchill

After working for many years in prestigious Indian and multinational companies, I felt that it was time to give back to the society. Being brought up on the sacred Vedic principles that speak, every person owes a debt to the society. I felt my contribution was not enough and there was much more left to do, to give.

Thus I thought of starting an independent venture which would have this principle as the core value.

This was how “Shenoy Advisory Troupe (SAT)” was founded.

As rightly quoted by the great Swami Vivekananda-

“Our duty is to encourage everyone in his struggle to live up to his own idea and strive at the same time to make the ideal as near as possible to the truth.”

Shenoy being family name will always keep us bounded to the roots. It will keep reminding us of our aims and intentions of why this firm was founded, throughout our journey.

If you see some of the major corporations started in the world with a very individualistic aim / motto are all with family names. Brands are anyway created by catering and delivering value to the customers and in the long run it is that what matters rather than a fancy name.

“We private individuals with simple thoughts have established corporation with limited Liability to deliver our experience and address challenges specific to our country and be a responsible citizen.”

In India very few companies start with concepts and traditional businesses’ are the ones that are still based on old world trade basics. It’s a global economy now, India or any country for that matter is not immune to this. All business whether big, medium or small needs to keep evolving or simply perish.  The small to medium business today face tough challenges to sustain, grow their business without access to any expertise to help them evolve. Bringing industry  knowledge to such struggling small and medium business was the way forward for me.


We make our advisory services simple to understand, implement and adapt to new business practices and help you improve performance and achieve sustainable growth. We deliver our best to every client in a cost effective manner.


To excel advisory service industry and build a true Indian consulting enterprise, meet challenging goals, invest in true talent and drive business with passion for better tomorrow for ourselves and our country.


We value your organization and its valuable information. Our Code of Ethics states that “Professional engineers, consultants shall conduct themselves with integrity, honesty, fairness and objectivity in their professional activities.”


It is a culture and practiced by every individual in SAT.

Our principles

Obey the law of nation and undertake transparent and fair business practices to be a good corporate citizen of the country

Contribute to economic and social development through corporate social responsibilities (CSR) activities.

Drive innovation, Simplicity, value team work and individual growth to develop mutual trust.

Work with affiliates, associate partners to achieve long term growth and mutual benefits, hence develop value driven approach to customer organisation.

Believe in GOD, have respect for him, and remember to be grateful at all times.