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How we helped Mumbai based Shipping and Logistics company find JV partner to expand their business

How we helped Mumbai based Shipping and Logistics company find JV partner to expand their business

IN THE MID YEAR 2019 when we signed contract with a Mumbai based shipping and logistics, SME company, they were actively looking for companies/partners who can help them expand their business. They have been trying to establish contact both in India and other countries through their own network. After trying for many months they couldn’t establish right contact whom they can trust for partnership. Finally they realised engaging professional consulting firm was the only right thing to do to get a professional companies on board.

Business Challenge

Mumbai based Shipping and logistics company had almost reached their saturation level and further expansion of the business was not possible without a infusion of funds through a right partnership model. Company achieved EBITDA margin approximately 8-12% on an average in the last 5 Years and has potential to further boost the same at least to 16-18% with a additional cash inflow and reach the revenue target by 5 times in the next 5 Years.


Getting the right partnership model was the need of the hour. They were quite flexible interms of stake dilution ranging from 50 to 70% based on the investor requirement. SAT (SHENOY ADVISORY TROUPE LLP) is an established enterprise in the western region and our partner search solution helped them reach the right partner in a span of 3 months and we shortlisted a India based company for a 50:50 partnership.

Our solution comprises of Investor connect platform which establishes connect with more than one million potential investors across the globe. Our experienced team engage with right set of companies for shortlisting and further development. Automated platform combined with experienced team helped companies in establishing quick contacts and saved lot of time in investors search. They always get a verified contacts, have expressed their interest to invest or buy. SAT solution for the preparation of your business for investors includes Understand your business and develop an investment strategy, Business valuation, preparation of business plan, engage with right set of investors/buyers, closing the JV, contract drafting, Compliance and other documents for successfully operating the JV.

Result of our continuous engagement and professional approach to investor find yielded result in less than 90 days.

Connect with us in case you are looking for investors or suitable JV partner for expansion

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