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How we helped new cab aggregator launch their service in just 60 days

How we helped new cab aggregator launch their service in just 60 days

One of the large Indian business house wanted to venture into cab aggregator service. They started building the Mobile application and created a new company with few people on boarding. They placed contract with many vendors to meet the cab service requirement. Many JV proposals were under discussion.

Work began in Mid-April 2017, but until Feb 2018 they were unable to bring the product to the market. Multiple attempts to launch the services were failed.

Then the top management decided to engage a management company to address the challenge they were facing and make their launch successful. Only condition they put across was to launch the service in 60 days.

It was a very proud moment for SAT as this assignment was completely new, out of the box and was real challenging. SAT got engaged with the team in March 2018 and studied the entire project. First and very important observation was connecting all the stake holders and making them work towards a common objective was the missing link. Most of the functions were working in SILO’s and they were not able to come to a common conclusion. Biggest challenge was making the driver community understand the objective of this new cab aggregator service and benefit which they get associating to this new service. It was also a challenge for them how exploring new service will get them a assured business. What benefits to consumers and why they will use the new cab service. We conducted many sessions to make them understand how successful it is.

There were many fixes required in the software application as it was not meeting the requirement in total. Some of the functionalities were must to make the project successful. Competing products were already created boom in the market with many advanced features for consumer convenience. So working on just a basic feature was not acceptable when it comes to consumers adoption.

Based on our observation and study, we created a hierarchical org structure with clear defined roles and responsibility. This helped the team understand their contribution and effort required in making this project successful. After this everyone was on target and delivery deadlines. Guideline documents and vendor on boarding process were created for a smooth sign off. More than 5000+ taxi drivers were signed through online application with background verification process.

Launch date was fixed and then driving the entire team towards the deadline was the real challenge. The activities include software testing, dry run, media planning, preparation for launch events there were more than 30 different type of vendors to co-ordinate. SAT team had the complete control of the situation and team was working almost 18 hrs a day to meet the deadline.

With the management support SAT could launch the service dot on the date pre-decided and event was very successful. 600+ delegates were attended the event and appreciated by many. Media supported well and news was spread in the entire Mumbai and in just 2 days we had 10000+ application downloads.

This was the first product launch assignment after we started our management consulting and everything went so well that we had many cherished memories to talk about it. Today we SAT team proudly says we have added one more FEATHER IN THE CAP.

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