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Small and Medium business (SME) have a great market potential and is a major contributor of modern Indian economy. SME business market is alone worth $4 Billion and produce more than 8000 products which should be encouraged to achieve their Goal. Some of the facts shown below about SME’s clearly demonstrate the market potential and development opportunities in these sectors.

9 out of 10 Indian industry units are SME

SME contributes to 40% of total economy and 35% to Indian industrial exports

Estimated to Grow at 20%

Many foreign and local investors are looking for investment or mergers in these sectors

Financial institutions are coming forward to lending credit to these sectors

What are current challenges?

Unavailability of proper research data which would help them grow

Benefit of technology and implementing the same to develop quality output is not known

Lack of knowledge, skills required to drive sustained growth

Our Advisory Service helps you overcome these challenge through innovative approach to business practices. Our consulting skills are developed to create simple methods to understand, implement and adapt to new way of doing business. Our extensive knowledge and experience help identify your potential, address critical challenges and transform the way you do business.

Retail sectors has its own challenges like Inventory holding costs, Customer specific pricing, inefficient Logistics operations and maintenance, lack of visibility in supply chain operations and Government regulation and compliances. Large players are eating up their market share and many international players entering the country are very big concerns for small & medium business owners.

Every industry has its own challenges and looking for various means to overcome those. For example Health care is moving towards quality care and preventive measure to develop new patient experience. Manufacturing industries are struggling with labor management issues and looking for various means to generate profits and sustainable model to survive. How do I grow and what should be my growth strategy? What process changes required delivering quality output? How technology helps me automate my business, improve my speed to market? And help me develop value in my offerings?

Analyzing your requirement is like an investment that begins by focusing on the status of your market, business, and competition. Each industry is different, and using one approach to analysis is like inviting problems. For example, comparing Tech Company to that of a utility may not be same.


It is a simple 3 step process


This means knowing your business well. Defining the current state of your business is an important part of this phase. We understand your market, customer, competition product & services and organisation capability. In a simple way it is all about knowing “where you stand, what your challenges are and where you want to be?”


Developing deep understanding and analyse your business areas from knowledge gathered from an “Understand” phase. This phase would help you develop different strategic initiatives to drive your business towards growth and expansion. In Simple words you will have an answer “what you should do”


Data gathered from “Analyse “ phase make our standpoint clear as to what are the solutions to make your business successful and what are the ways to implement. For example we may tell you about new changes to your product or services, which are those new areas of expansion, product innovation, Market demand, how you should be different from competition, what are the various sustainable models etc. So in a simple way you will know “How do you achieve your goal? “