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Nokia’s smartphone division being acquired by Microsoft”

Nokia’s smartphone division being acquired by Microsoft”

“Change is constant” an old age saying …………. Let me rephrase little ………….


I am just here to share the recent story “Nokia’s smartphone division being acquired by Microsoft”

“We Didn’t Do Anything Wrong, But Somehow, We Lost” Last Speech by Nokia’s CEO

Nokia has been a respectable company. Nokia was one of the world’s biggest and most successful mobile phone manufacturers in the world; in fact at one point slightly over half of the world’s mobile phones are Nokia phones! Yes they didn’t do anything wrong in their business, but the world changed too fast. Competitors were too fast in catching the wave where Nokia missed out on learning the market behavioural changes and missed out on the opportunity at hand to make it big. This failure to understand the changing wave and adopt a right strategy they lost their chance of survival.

Samsung was completely ignored by Nokia and the same brand finally came as a real threat to Nokia Many good features like Camera, FM, Color display and ring tones were given as a basic feature in most of the Samsung phones which attracted many customers to shift their brand. Looks and price were equally attractive gave a real booster to Samsung sales. How world’s largest brand failed to observe this change? What stopped them? Where they went wrong?

Would this brand ever come back in the future? ………THE MOST TRUSTED AND RELIABLE BRAND IN THE WORLD………………..let’s wait and watch.

Steve Ballmer crying on stage during his last speech at Microsoft

This story tells us if you do not have ability to think right at the right time and adopt the changing needs you cannot survive. Your advantage could be someone’s tomorrow if you do not act right. Yes Change is constant but the speed at which you act is the key to success.  Continuous innovations help you survive in this dynamic market.

Share your view points……………

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    Posted by Sandeep Varma on
    • Jul 18 2017
    It is interesting to note an SME can be empowered by an SME Consulting Firm. I wish ShenoyAT all success in its venture.

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