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Helping small and mid size companies in India to identify, develop, and implement the right strategies to a sustainable growth of their business that is something which we thought would be a right step contributing SME’s growth in India.

Some of the important questions which are coming in the minds of small & medium business owners show their real challenge in their day to day life running their business and sustain in this complex world.

How do I grow my business?

What should be my winning strategy?

What are the new areas of business to explore?

Should I plan for short term or long term growth strategy?

How do I develop sustainable business model?

Where to invest? Where to compete? Should I invest to grow? or invest to maintain my existing business? or run the business as usual and adapt low investment opportunities to sustain

Our Advisory team has deep understanding, knowledge combined with experience help you address each of these questions through our innovative and analytic approach to building business and growth strategy.

Strategy is the making of an integrated set of choices that collectively position the firm in its industry so as to create sustainable advantage relative to competition and deliver superior financial returns. ………… Roger Martin

There is one strategy for a given business — not a set of strategies. It is one integrated set of choices: what is our winning aspiration; where will we play; how will we win; what capabilities need to be in place; and what management systems must be instituted?


This means knowing your growth requirement well.  In this phase we understand the key areas of your business to indentify the growth opportunity. We will know your market, customer, competition, product & services and organisation capability. In a simple way it is all about knowing your “growth capability of your organisation?”


Developing deep understanding and analyse your key business areas from knowledge gathered from an “Understand” phase. This phase would help you develop different strategic options to drive your business towards growth and expansion. In Simple words you will have an answer “for your growth”


Data gathered from “Analyse “ phase make our standpoint clear as to what are the solutions to make your business successful and what are the ways to implement. For example we may tell you about new changes to your product or services, which are those new areas of expansion, product innovation, Market demand, how you should be different from competition, what are the various sustainable models etc. So in a simple way you will know “How do you achieve your growth? “