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STARTUP – A dream come true.  

Ideation to reality

You have an idea but many times you get stuck with your idea or product or services to find the right approach to get to reality. Your startup could be very unique and has a big opportunity and tremendous growth. Some are old story with new and innovative stuffs build on to it. We understand what exactly you need to gear up your work and take it to next level.

In India many startups failed or finding difficult to sustain due to lack of fund, no proper assessment of market need, right target segment and how to cash on your ideas?

Does India have a Market for startups?  

Entrepreneurship and startups are only a recent phenomenon in the country. Doing a startup is tough and every country sees more failures than success. Yes, India has an opportunity but there are many challenges which today’s startups are facing in the country.

Government regulations: Everyday government regulations are changing. Some are good; some are just you can’t agree. State-level policies are different and add to implementation challenges. The GST is an answer to this problem and new government is in the process of getting it right. If you are with very new ideas sometimes getting the help of law or regulatory challenges may increase your trouble. Government has a lot to do and understand the importance of entrepreneurial journey in the economic development of the nation.

Customer always wants the best but doesn’t want to pay for It.: Even if you have offered the best service customer always expects more and you tend to lose in the process of keeping him happy. No loyalty factor and they fail to differentiate the quality. Then you are ended up with bad reviews. Timely payment is an issue and need lot of follow ups unless you are in a business of upfront payment. This affects your cash flow.

Hiring Challenges You hardly find people ready to work for startups. Difficult to find people who are ready to stay and support till you establish yourself in the market. There is a lack of employee loyalty and professionalism. You may not be surprised an Interviewee will not turn up even after confirming. Employees will quit for one or two thousands more.  You need right kind of employees with a great balance of ability and attitude. Country is missing on right education system to provide young ones on various startup opportunities.

Funding There are many financial institutions are ready to fund startups but stuck with its policies and procedures resulting in delayed funding. There are no big guys who fund startups and extend their support to grow. Such kinds of mentors are completely absent. Startups are always considered as high risk business and getting financial support is always a challenge.

How do we help you?

Access to experts you as a startup often a lonely journey. You may not have access to all the expertise required to make your idea a successful business enterprise. We are an experienced team understand every aspects of business from start to end and have ability to make it a successful venture.

Industry Knowledge We as a team come from different industry experience and expertise. We worked for many Indian and multinational brand and have good knowledge to share and nurture your company to meet your business objective and fulfill your vision.

Affordable service Fee Initially you are the one who burns your cash till you establish and get results. We have made our engagement very affordable to get proper support and guidance

Be your Mentor till your succeed – We have been through a similar process of startup and have experience and knowledge of corporate work culture and business practices. Our unbiased honest approach to mentoring helped us engage with many startups in India.

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