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Money Matters…………………. Cash is king ……. Is an age old saying? But who brings that cash to business is a very important and key factor determining your success of your business.

Cash flow is of vital importance to the health of a business. It may look better to have large inflows of revenue from sales, the most important focus for a business is cash flow.

Many business analysts state poor cash management practices as the number one reason why businesses go bankrupt. Make sure you prioritize the importance of cash. For a business, its availability is essential to not only avoid the possibility of bankruptcy, but also to take advantage of various expansion and growth opportunities.

You are running a business successfully and now you are looking for more funds to expand or you are a startup with great idea need huge investment to implement.

Bring in cash at the right moment by joining hands with strategic investors would be a wise thing to fuel your business growth.


Landing investors can be a major component of a company’s growth strategy. But the truth is that many entrepreneurs don’t really understand what’s involved in bringing on investment capital. Consequently, they make mistakes–plenty of them.

How do we help you?

At SAT we’ve compiled a list of the most of common things you must need when it comes to bringing on investors.

Right Value for your company

Your business plan

Your capital requirement

Clear defined exit strategy

Getting the right investors for you ……

We look for strategic investors who stay with you and help you grow your business…. Hunting a true partner for successful enterprise is something we look for when helping you find the right investors who got true business experience, Domain knowledge, and Long term vision.

Speak to us for more details or whenever you look for strategic investors FOR YOUR BUSINESS……………

When to bring in Cash? @ What stage of your business?

It is not wise to bring in investors early stage of your entrepreneur journey and patiently building your business at a slow, steady pace is much better approach. There is a right time for you to approach investors….

Investors are not interested in covering overhead, unless they are convinced that you have already put all your “skin in the game”, and have real contributions from friends and family.

If investors don’t see indications that you believe in your vision enough to invest your own hard-earned cash, then they won’t invest either. You need investments when your business attains any of the following stage … in other words it is the TIME TO LOOK FOR INVESTOR

Sales are strong growing with high demand and you are not able to keep up with demand due to lack of fund

Your business could be too young for the bank

Your existing business has grown beyond your capacity

Need large investment for your ideas